Our story...

Our founder, Mike Ferguson, got lucky early in his career.  He was the 12th person hired at a brand new brokerage firm at the Chicago Board of Trade where the only thing worse than the hours was the pay.  Show up at 5:00 AM, stay late and get paid $125 per week plus pizza. 


But what he learned over the next several years, without even knowing it, was what it takes to build a successful company.  From those original 12 people and a large closet for an office to a top 20 “futures commission merchant” that would compete head to head with household names like Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs.  The owner worked tirelessly, was always the first in and the last to leave and spoke to all of his clients everyday.


Next stop was a British firm opening shop in America.  They provided 5-star corporate hospitality at prestigious sporting events around the world.  It was a combination of good luck and perfect timing again as World Cup soccer was coming to the USA.  After challenging the status quo, upgrading the hiring and training practices and setting a few international sales records for the company it was time to move again.


This time would be different though.  Now he was ready to be in charge.  He helped start and build a successful startup that recently sold for the largest multiple ever paid for a company in its industry.  This led to bigger and better opportunities including: a commercial ice delivery “disrupter” company, a jewelry design firm, a gluten free energy bar, a much needed product upgrade for professional and DIY painters, a software application that lets college students and professors be more interactive and engaged in the classroom and finally a monthly auto-ship business.


There were many more companies and projects along the way.  Most were successful but some were not.  It is not cliché to say that you learn as much from the failures than from the successes but it is much more fun to learn those lessons AND be financially successful!

All these experiences, of many startup companies in many industries including living for a time in the Caribbean, is available for you, the new entrepreneur, to capitalize on.  We have a passion for startups and the people behind them.  We love to help people succeed.  Working for yourself, being the "Top Dog", and all the work, all the long hours, all the stress and eventually all the freedom that comes with it is what drives us.  You and your dream is what gets us up early in the morning.  What brings us joy is helping you fine tune your plan and then execute it to its fullest potential.  


Often times we find that new entrepreneurs need to implement just a few tweaks here and there on their idea or strategy and that can mean the difference between success and failure.  Let us help you forge your path and get you started on the best journey of your life!


Michael Ferguson

Certified Business Coach