How we can serve you...

For the New Entrepreneur we will help you:

  • Develop your Marketing Plan

  • Develop your Business Plan

  • Help you secure funding (possibly at 0% interest for a limited time)

  • Clarify your Vision

  • Write a meaningful Mission Statement

  • Define your Objectives

  • Develop a winning Strategy

  • Formulate the Action Steps necessary to put you on your journey to success

  • Identify your ideal customer, i.e. your Target Market

  • Put you in touch with the people or firms who can fill in with expertise that you have not yet have developed, i.e. book keepers, legal advice, etc.

* If you are looking for funding please call for a confidential conversation

Our Fee:

We understand what it is like to start a new business. Sometimes you have been saving for years to get to this point, sometimes you are here because your old company mistakenly thinks they are better off without you.  
We will work with you to determine how best to serve you and your goals.  Our fee will be based on the scope of work and timeline necessary to make you a happy and successful client.
*If we arrange a preferable funding option for you our consulting is free!
* Our Guarantee is simple - we will work with you until you are satisfied and ready to go!
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